Loving our Orphans


“Pure religion and undefiled before God is to visit orphans in their affliction” James 1:27

We spent the day today with our orphans at our Worldcomp Home of Grace. I have been privileged to see, first hand, the profound transformation of their lives. They came to us 7 months ago straight out of the slums. Most of them were sick, their clothes were rags and they were fearful and uncertain of what was happening. Now they are well dressed, well fed, well behaved and well adjusted. The environment at the Orphanage is so very sweet. All of them are like brothers and sisters who treat each other with a special love. They are all enrolled in a great school called Bridge Academy. They walk together the 1/2 mile distance to school each morning. And there are excelling in their school work. As a matter of fact 10 of them are listed in the top 15 out of the 42 kids in the school and 5 of them are the listed at the top in “Discipline” in the school. They are attending a wonderful Church just down the road called “Green Pastures Tabernacle” and they are greatly loved there. The pastor of the church is constantly expressing his joy at having them in the church. The church people have also been stopping by to love on the kids and bring them gifts.

All of them consider Valerie and I to be their father and mother, which is very touching and sweet. On this visit we brought them a television and a DVD player and a number of DVD’s with movies, bible stories and educational programs. While we ate, the staff set up the TV and then we all sat together, watched a video and sang “Old MacDonald had a farm” and Itsy bitsy spider”. We also brought a few gifts and cards from some of their sponsors. The Andrina’s had given me a bag with some special gifts for their girl. Her name is “Night Kerubu”. I was a little reluctant to give her the gift bag in front of all the other kids, but instead of being jealous they all crowded around her to admire her gifts just as if they had been given to them all. Nighty, as we call her” spent the next half and hour looking into her bag and smiling.

I really didn’t know what to expect when we opened and orphanage, but nothing could bring me more joy. I believe that we are going to see these children grow up serve God and make a difference here in Kenya.

By the way we are still hoping to find 12 more people who will become orphan sponsors at $25 per month. If this is something you might want to do, just call Glenda at the Worldcomp Office and she can sign you up. Her number is 206 781 5154.

Resting up now for tomorrows Medical Camp in the part of Nairobi called Mwiki. We are expecting this to be the biggest camp we have ever had. We are finally going to get to try out the Ultrasound machine that Northwest Hospital donated to us. The Lord has provided someone to run the machine who knows the machine well and technician who knows how to set it up and fix it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Blessings to all back home. Keep me in your prayers for a few more days.