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Hello Dear Friends:
Doing one of my favorite things; having a cup of coffee and writing to you. The last 5 days we’ve had a break from the road, so we’ve had the opportunity to be with our friends here in Nairobi. We’ve had quality time with Harun and Doreen Kamau, Osborn Obayo, Simon Baraza, and Meshek Lwenya. We’ve had a chance to visit one of our favorite haunts, Amani Ya Juu, with John and Mary Indagiza and their daughters. We’ve also been hanging out with a new friend, Karen Deines, whose husband is the head of Food for the Hungry in Kenya. She fits so well with our tribe.

Last night we had dinner with an old friend named Stella. She was the head of the women’s ministry at the Kakamega church 14 years ago when we came to Kenya with Jeremiah and Deborah, Rebekah and Dan and a large team. Stella is a very gifted woman. In the last decade she has headed up woman’s ministry in 3 dynamic churches. She is now working here in Nairibi. As we fellowshipped with Stella we discoved that she is a “kindred spirit” and shares our heart fo the poor. On Monday and Tuesday she will be joining us as we visit our works in the slums and she is considering being a part of our Worldcomp Board. Stella is also a very good friend of Rachel, the wife of the Vice President of Kenya, and Valerie has felt very strongly that she is suppose to have a prayer time with her since the time we arrived. Looks like Stella can easily arrange it in the future. How about that?

Yesterday morning Valerie went way across town to attend a morning prayer meeting at the home of Lydia Wasonga. This “morning” prayer meeting went from 10am to 4pm. Now, that’s one long morning! These women really know how to pray and it’s always hard to find a place to stop! There is no end to the need for prayer in this place, or any place for that matter. They even found time to lay their hands on a old man and pray for his deliverance from alcohol and drugs. As for me, I ended up spending the day babysitting for 3 kenyan kids; the children of our leaders. I loved it!

The foundations of Worldcomp are the deep and intimate relationships that we have with friends here in Kenya. Those relationships go back 36 years and they have continued deepen and multiply over time. There is no doubt that the Lord has been laying the foundations for what we are doing throughout that whole time. What an honor it is to walk with such people! We are so grateful for all of them.

In a few hours we will be heading off for the airport to pick up Corbett Stubbert and Del Irwin. From tomorrow we are “riding the range once more”. Hallelujah! I’ll be reporting again from the field in a few days.

Valerie and I love getting up in the morning, and sometimes in the night to check our emails, so if you feel like saying “Hi” please do! We are never too busy to hear from you. You are all in our hearts.

Richard and Valerie

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