Is God Faithful Or What?


We headed off this morning to speak in a church here in Mombasa.  It wasn’t on our holiday agenda to speak while we were resting but, as happens many times here in Kenya, we were highjacked by a mob of sweet Christians.  The service was great.  The were very sensitive to our schedule and whisked us right back to the hotel after we spoke.

GET THIS: An amazing testimony occurred this evening when the pastor and his wife arrived at our hotel to visit us.  Along with them was a woman named Caroline who is their head usher.  As we began to share, the pastor handed Valerie folded up envelope.  Immediately she know that it was money.  Without opening it she turned to Caroline and handed her the envelope and said “this money should go to a widow, do you know a widow?”  Caroline replied “I am a widow!”  Valerie then said “Well it’s yours then”.  Caroline teared up and held the envelope to her breast and told Valerie this story:

“A few days ago my sister died and the family met together yesterday to raise the money for her funeral.  All of us had to pledge to do our part to pay for the funeral expenses.  I had to come up with 5000 Kenya Schillings.  I only had 500 Schillings to my name so I was left with the problem of coming up with the rest.  This morning, she said, as Pastor Richard was preaching on trusting in God because “He Keeps Every Promise Forever”, I told the Lord that I was not going to ask anyone for help but Him.  I told Him that I trusted him alone, because “He keeps His Promises Forever”, and tonight as you handed me the envelope the Lord answered my prayer.”  Valerie then asked her if she knew how much was in the envelope and she answered “Yes, because the Pastor asked me to put money in the envelope.  Guess how much money was in there?  It was 5000 Schillings!

An interest thought!  If the pastor had handed me the envelope (which would have been the normal thing to do), I would have given it back to him and told him to use it where it was most needed.  But he handed it to Valerie, who turned to Caroline and said ‘This should go to a widow.”  God really does “Keep His Promises Forever”!

Wow.  This stuff is right out of the Bible.  What an adventure

Blessing to all back home on Superbowl Sunday!  The Superbowl Game will be on at 3 am here.  I might get up a watch it, but I’m only going to do it because Russell Wilson is such a man of God.  They better be winning or I’ll go back to sleep.

Love you all