Getting Close to the End of Phase I

We actually didn’t have much to do today, but somehow it made the day seem very long.  It’s funny how a busy day whizzes by.  Today we travelled downtown to our favorite souvenir shop so the team could load up with mementos for their families.  When you come we have the perfect place for you to shop.  Keep that in mind.  Following our shopping spree we went to the Intercontinental Hotel to meet with a Member of the Kenya Parliament.  She is a dynamic woman named Millie Othiambo.  Among Kenyan leaders she is a shining star of integrity and a real woman of God.  We decided to let Kathy Lambert have some time with her alone to interact as female politicians.  Kathy had a number of things she wanted to talk to her about.  They sat together and talked for almost two hours.  Kathy came back to our table and said that they spent almost all their time talking about their personal lives and challenges.  There was an amazing bonding between them.  It is the beginning of a genuine friendship and partnership.  I was really happy about this, because everything we do is about relationship.  No one wants to be approached for utilitarian purposes.  The one thing they did talk about was the possibility of provided a part-time salary for our Lenana School teachers.  Please pray about this, because that would be a huge answer to the prayers of our beloved teachers.

Following our meeting with Millie we went to see our new Worldcomp office for the first time.  Having never seen it I didn’t know what to expect, but this place is marvellous.  It has everything we need.  A large downstairs room for our Nairobi Worldcomp Office, a large storage room and secure parking for our two vehicles.  Above the ground floor are two floors of living quarters for Osborn Obayo and his family.  But there are also extra bedrooms for visitors and our Worldcomp staff when them come to Nairobi.  It is a great guesthouse!  Besides all that, it has 4 good bathrooms, is in a very secure neighborhood and close to the airport.  What a find!   I couldn’t be happier.  Finally we have a central base of operations and a place for our meetings.
At 7:15pm we rushed Kathy Lambert to the airport.  She had to leave one day before the rest of the team because of some important work back home.  Selma Robb and Britta and Kendall leave tomorrow night.  I told them that I couldn’t say “I wish I was going with you”, but only that I wish they were staying.  We are believe God that our next two months here will be very fruitful and productive.  Please pray that the Lord will give us wisdom, protection, favor and provision during this important time for Worldcomp.
Thanks for all your prayers.
Richard and Valerie