Foxes Have Holes, Birds Have Their Nests, and We have Found a Place to Rest

I know, I misquoted that scripture, but it is true for us today.  Praise the Lord!  We found a wonderful 3 bedroom apartment in the perfect place here in Nairobi.  Everything has it’s story!  Yesterday it looked like we would look forever and not find a place, but this morning in our devotions the bible passage was “In My Fathers house are many mansions, behold I go to prepare a place for you”.  We went out with confidence.  As things go so often, things went bad, before they got good.  We got hooked up with a couple of real estate guys who were far from godly.  The first place they took us was a house that was being used for a brothel.  No kidding!  We walked in the door and there was woman who was still in one of the beds and two more who were trying to find their robes.  I am so glad you weren’t here to see it!  Then they took us to a place that was on the fourth floor of an apartment building.  By the time I got up there I was feeling my age.  Fortunately no one could find a key so we were walking back to the van, when a woman came out from one of the lower units and flagged us down.  She was the owner of one of the first floor apartments.  She took us to her unit and the minute we walked in the door we knew!  The Lord had “prepared this place for us”.  God is so good!  To top it all off, the woman was a wonderful Christian woman and we became instant friends.  We went out to dinner to sign a contract and had a great time.  She told us that just before we showed up, her and her housekeeper were praying that the Lord would send a renter.  Ten minutes later she saw us out of her window and when the gate guard told her we were looking for an apartment she ran out to meet us.

I am sitting here chuckling as I write all this.  I am not worthy of such goodness from God.  Valerie certainly is, but not me.

Also this morning we had a rendezvous with Grace Stewart who goes to Westside.  We kidnapped her from a conference that she was attending and took her out for tea and samosas.  Osborn took time off work to meet with us so I had him tell his whole story of how Worldcomp came into existence.  He told the long version and it was so moving that we cried.  It was great for us to hear his story, because there were a number of details I have never heard.  It turns out that the woman who was most responsible for Osborn’s college education and like a mother to him, is a very good friend of Grace.  It was just wonderful be be with Grace.  She’ll be home next week.

Tomorrow we fly off to Mombasa to spend three days with Kathy Pryor on the WYAM base and then 4 days in a hotel on the beach.  Don’t worry we’ll be spending our own money on the hotel.

To all of you back home we say thank you, God bless you and Be Happy!

More adventures to come