Day Two at Kayole


Kayole is located in the extreme Eastern part of Nairobi. It’s a real chore just to get here. For years it has been a place where people went if they had no other place to go. The majority of the residents are squatters. There is no particular tribe here because they have come from all over. After a number of years of squatting they now live as if they own the land, but very few can produce a deed. Even though the place doesn’t look like the compact and densely populated slums closer to Nairobi the whole area is a slum. On our way here this morning I noticed thousands of people walking toward town. Our driver, who was raised in this area, told me that many of them walk 15 kilometers into town because the have no money. They walk into town to scavenge and to look for any kind of work they can find. The local magistrate provided three armed police officers to watch over our camp, thinking that an incident might arise, but they are entirely unneeded, because God’s peace is in the camp.

The line up for circumcision was unbelievable. They have done as many as possible today, and even though we will not be here tomorrow, the doctors doing the procedure are coming back to finish the job tomorrow. Bless their hearts!

Again today I can say we have really helped a lot of people in this poor community. I trust that the Lord will take it from here and minister his healing to all.

We left the camp after dark tonight because we had to pack up everything for our next camp at the Mwiki Church. Very tired tonight. Tomorrow we will visit our kids at the Worldcomp Home of Grace Orphanage. Looking forward to seeing them so much.

Blessings to all back home.


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