Another incredible day

The attached photo is a big hello from the precious kids of Lenana Christian School. This is a photo I have wanted to have for a long time. These kids just melt your heart. They come from one of the poorest slum areas in Nairobi, and yet they are doing remarkably well in acedemics and in sports. We have been feeding the kids in this school for 5 years now. The fact that they are fed at school is one of the primary reasons for their success at school. One other factor is that they have been taught and loved by some of the finest teachers I have ever met. All of them are volunteers who are serving as missionary teachers, while they wait for job opportunities in the Kenya school system. What a time we had with the kids. They are so fun to be with. What a blessing it has been to be serving these kids. Many of them have gone on to the best schools in Kenya.

After Lenana school we went over to visit the site of our new “Worldcomp Home of Grace Orphanage”. The place is almost ready. The rooms and latrines are ready and the grounds are lovely. The government has given us the approval to recieve the kids, but we are still in need of some vital things. It’s time to buy mattresses, sheets, supplies, food, Kitchen supplies, plastic chairs, tables and so forth. I want to make an appeal to our friends back home to help us buy these things. We need about $2000 to get underway. Valerie and I will put in $200 and I’m wondering if I could get 9 other people to do the same? Perhaps 18 people giving $100. However the math works out, we are asking for your help. Please pray about this.

Send your contributions to: Worldcomp Kenya, 7758 Earl Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117 or give on-line at

Tonight we had a farewell dinner for the Nurses of Northwest University. In the last 4 weeks we have bonded with these girls a very powerful way. We mutually affirmed our love and appreciation for each other and at the end there were many tears. The next time we see them will be at thier graduation in May.

Blessings to all of your back home

Richard, Valerie, Del and Corbett.