A Quick Note Before Bedtime

It’s 11:40 pm and we just returned from the airport, again! Del and Corbett arrived in very good condition, but their bag did not. Believe it or not they could not get the cargo open on the 747 they arrived on from Amsterdam. They decided that the problem could not be fixed in Kenya, so the plane few back to Amsterdam with the luggage or 400 people. Then it came back tonight with the luggage. I just can’t explain it but this is how things always happened in Kenya. Everything is a test of our patience and our character and I’m happy to report that everyone passed the test with flying colors.

This evening we gathered together with a number of our Worldcomp leaders for a time of fellowship and sharing. Everyone shared their story of how their lives have changed since the time they became involved with Worldcomp. It was a very special and touching evening as each one spoke about how the Lord had touch and improved their lives in the last 5 years. Osborn led the meeting in such a special way. He honored, affirmed and blessed each one with his words. What a lovely evening.

I can’t thank the Lord enough for connecting us with such fine people. The love between us so thick.

Tomorrow we are off to Kimbo Church to visit the well and I will speak in the two morning services.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

We love you