0 + Faith = God’s provision

Sorry everyone, I lost my connection for a few days, due to lack of an internet connection. We are back on line. Here is yesterday’s post.

Blessings to all


Today we had the sweetest ceremony as Pastor Simeon and Mary Obayo formally signed documents to give Worldcomp a quarter acre piece of land to build and orphanage in Kakamega. It is part of a parcel of land that Simeon and Mary are going to retire on. It is in a lovely spot with a full view of a tranquil valley and electricity right overhead. After visiting our orphanage in Nairobi Simeon and Mary felt that having an orphanage next to their home would be a source of great joy and give them something special to do once they are finished with pastoral ministry. About 20 of us stood around the property and prayed over it and dedicated it to the Lord. Within a week the title will be in hand and we will begin the process of raising the money for this project. This children’s home will also house Worldcomp’s Western Kenya Office and provide a place for us to store medical supplies and food for our programs in the West. When we opened our orphanage in Nairobi all of us had the sense that this would be our first. I personally never thought that we would be moving forward on another so soon, but in my heart I know this is the direction of the Lord. Once complete this children’s home will house up to 50 children. Land is very precious in Kenya and we are very grateful to Simeon and Mary for their generosity.

We are starting from scratch with the financing. The Kenyan’s have a saying “Zero + Faith = God’s provision. This has certainly been true for us in Worldcomp. I wanted to share this with all of you who are our partners in this work and ask you to pray about being a part of making this dream a reality. Let me assure you that every penny designated to this project will go toward this purpose. Perhaps your church would like to be involved in building an orphanage in Africa. The need is so great! Our address is Worldcomp Kenya Relief International 7758 Earl Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117 and our online giving link is www.worldcompkenya.com/ways-to-help Enough on this for now. Please pray about being involved. If you have an idea that might help us move forward on this project please feel free to call me when I get back from Kenya after August 23rd. My phone number is 206-794-****

We caught the evening flight back to Nairobi. Tomorrow I speak a large church were we will hold a medical camp on Thursday and Friday. Following the service we will meet with our medical team to plan for Monday and Tuesday at a church in the Kayole area. Please pray for us because we are expecting record number in these two camps. We are expecting to see as many as 2000 patients a day. Many blessings to all of you back home.