Midnight in Kakamega

It is now midnight and we finally have our team tucked into their beds at the Sheyuwe Hotel in Kakamega Kenya.  We had a long hard trip from Nairobi to Kakamega.  I had no idea that they had ripped up 15 miles of the road from Kisumu to Kakamega and, believe me, the trip was hard on everyone’s kidneys.  But far be it from me to complain, because Kakamega is one of my favorite places in the world; not because of the landscape but because of the wonderful friends that live here.  My dear friend Simeon Obayo picked us up at the Kisumu Airport.  Simeon and I have been the best of friends for over 35 years.  In those years we have had great adventures serving the Lord.

Tomorrow we fellowship at Kakamega Town PEFA church, where, much to my embarrassment, Simeon always introduces me as the Senior Pastor of the Church.  It is his way of appreciating all the things we have done for the church over the years.


At last count we had serve 4750 people in our 4 ½ days of camp in Nairobi.  What a privilege it is to be a part of a unified effort to relieve the suffering of so many people.  On last day of the Kayole camp all of the doctors and nurses from Nairobi served as volunteers, without being paid.  As you may know a part of our expense is that we give each medic who participates in our camp 2000 Kenya Schillings, which is $25 a day.  We do this to reimburse them for travel expenses and for the time they take off to serve in our camps.  As I mentioned a few days ago we normally do our camps with 25 medics, but this year so many wanted to work with us, so we ended up with 45.  This caused us to run over budget, so they willingly volunteered to serve on the last day for free.  Bless their hearts!


The ultrasound machine is fixed and on it’s way to Kakamega.  It cost us $1200 to fix but praise God there was someone to fix it.  On Monday we will be doing ultrasound images in our Kakamega Camp.  It has certainly been a challenge but the Lord camp through.

We had an unfortunate incident this morning as we were checking out of our hotel.  Harun and Doreen Kamau had $650 (56,000 Kenya Schillings) stolen from their room.  It was the money that Betty Block had given to Doreen to buy a sowing machine for a business.  It was such a big blow to her.  The team has decided to see what we can do to raise the money to restore her loss.  The money still may turn up at the hotel so please pray that we can find it.

Camp expenses are still over budget by several thousand dollars, so I would ask you to consider making a donation to our cause.  You may do this though Paypal on our website at www.worldcompkenya.com/ways-to-help or send a contribution to Worldcomp Kenya, 7758 Earl Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117 PRAYER REQUESTS

  1. Pray for our health.  It is so easy to develop stomach problems from food, water, dust or absentmindedly touching your hand to your mouth.  We are now in Malaria country so pray the we will be protected.
  2. Pray for our strength:  the team was very exhausted after the grueling schedule in Nairobil. Pray that we will be refreshed in the next two days.
  3. Pray for God’s blessing and anointing as be begin 4 straight days of medical camp on Monday.

Love and Blessings to you all dear friends