Kakamega Medical Camp

We woke up this morning to find that Dr. Phil had been sick all night.  We had to proceed without him.  Camp is not the same when Phil is missing.  He is our “go to” guy on all mysterious medical matters.  But praise the Lord, Phil was back in camp at noon and feeling good and finished the day strong.

The Kakamega camp is rolling along.  Grace Barasa out on the lawn sitting in a circle of chairs and gently sharing the Lord with people as they wait for their pharmacy prescriptions.


  • Britta is serving as a doctor in our camps and her level of knowledge is exceptional.  She is the “go to” doctor for examining females.
  • Kendall has taken over 4000 pictures.  He recently photographed me taking an AIDS test.  I had them announce that I was going to lead the way to encourage others to be tested.  By the way, in case you were wondering, I tested negative, but a lot of people jumped in the line to be tested after they saw me go first.
  • Rebekah has joined the group who are doing vitals (taking blood pressure, pulse, and temperature).
  • Joivanna is busy serving all the doctors and nurses water and snacks, this used to be my job and I miss it.
  • Chelsey is a superstar with the kids.  When she gets up in front of kids she is suddenly transformed from her usual quiet self into a dynamic story telling machine.  She is also quite a soccer player.
  • Mark has been showing the Jesus movie.  He has asked the locals to give an altar call after the movie and we have found that they do it very well.  Also Veggie Tales is a big hit with everyone.  Mark is quite the socialite and you can see him everywhere coaching and counseling and sharing Jesus.  He is also a great prayer warrior.

We have a whole new crew of Kenyan doctors and nurses here in the Western part of Kenya, with the exception of about 5 people who are totally committed to our organization.

Kakamega is a very poor city, but I love it so much.  Our circle of friends is just one big loving family and their kids are the cutest kids in the world.  Several of our team members keep commenting that would like to take one of the kids home.

Today was another big day.  We gave out 776 numbers but we actually served over 900 people because we only give one number to a mother who comes with her two or three kids.

For dinner tonight we had a picnic in our rooms because it takes over an hour to be served in any restaurant and we wanted to retire early.

Tomorrow we are up early and head to Shinyalu, which is 12 Kilometers out of Kakamega.  It is a large village with many people living around it and the people there are very poor.

Keep praying for us dear friends.  “The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”

With much appreciation,