Our Children’s Feeding Programs

Of the many projects that we are involved in Kenya, our children’s feeding program in the slums of Nairobi are the dearest to our heart. Each day we feed 385 children one meal a day. In addition to the meal they are taught literacy and bible stories and looked after medically. Many lives have been saved through this program. We want to say a big thank you to all who gave this year during our annual “Somebody Cares” campaign. We managed to raise just over $5000 which is now set aside to keep the food coming into this vital project. WorldCOMP is feeding 125 Preschool Children daily at our Kara Kibera Childrens Center in the Kibera Slums (The largest slum in East Africa) in addition to this we feed 260 children at our Lenana School for slum children in the Dagoretti Slums. Our volunteers, transport, cook and serve this food daily. At this present point we are able to send $800 per month to this project, but, truth be told, we need twice that amount feed our children. Please consider helping us in this vital lifesaving project.

The Kimbo Well project is well underway. This well will serve more than 10,000 people in the village of Kimbo and provide clean water during the 6-8 months when water is not available. Our goal for this project was $17,000. As of this date we have raised $17,000. Our thanks to all who have made this project a priority. We will be posting pictures real soon of the work in progress.

More than 100 boys from the Shikusa boys detention center are now sleeping on brand new bunk beds. Through the generosity of several donors we were able to buy the materials for the boys to begin to build their own beds. In the process they are learning welding and fabrication skills. Our long term goal is to provide a bed for every one of the 540 teenage boys at the center and we are well on our way.

Shikusa boys make beds